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Russian and East European Studies Resources @ Pitt: REES Country Web Resources

This guide provides information & annotated links to some of the best resources for doing research on Russia (or the former Soviet Union) and Eastern European Studies.

Credit for Country Pages

The country pages were researched and created by Alexis Stapp, MLIS Graduate Student Intern at Hillman Library, University of Pittsburgh in 2012.
They were updated in 2016 by Elizabeth England, MLIS Graduate Student Assistant.

Disclaimer about external resources

The links provided under the "External Web Resources" heading have been culled from independent sources.  Some are personal web pages, business pages, newspapers, government websites, etc. and most are not scholarly.

National Bibliographies of the Former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe

The attached 13 page pdf includes titles that are the official organs of bibliographic control for the countries concerned as well as important historical and retrospectibe bibliographies.  All titles are held by the University of Pittsburgh in Hillman Library or our storage facility.

For more complete coverage of other relevant publications, including more detailed explanatory annotations for the items below, see the National Bibliographies page on the University of Illinois's Slavic Reference Service website at:

External Web Resources - by Country

Here you can find a country-by-country list of external web resources.  The page for each country includes links to general history and culture related websites, as well as news resources and official government websites. 

Choose from the list below, or select from the drop-down menu under the "External Web Resources" tab above.

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