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Guide on Past and Current Archives & Special Collections Exhibits @ the University of Pittsburgh Library System - Oakland (2020-present)

Hungarians in Pittsburgh

Date of Exhibition: Fall 2023-Present

Curators: Dan Pannell (Curator for Slavic, European, and Eurasian Studies and Archive of European integration) and Clare Withers (Elizabeth Nesbitt Collection Curator)

Location: Archives & Special Collections exhibit gallery, 3rd floor Hillman Library, University of Pittsburgh 3960 Forbes Avenue Pittsburgh, PA 15260 

Description: Pittsburgh's Hungarian community dates to the 19th century when ethnic Hungarians emigrated from the Habsburg Empire to southwestern Pennsylvania seeking employment in the region's mines and steel mills. This exhibit celebrates the traditions and contributions of Hungarian Pittsburghers with an exploration of steel industry through the iconic Joes Magarac in popular culture and the creation of the Hungarian Nationality Room.

Hungarians in Pittsburgh

  • Larger than Life Representations of Tireless Workmen, Pittsburgh (Pa.) City Photography photographer; 1918

The Contradictory Story of Joe Magarac

  • Folksongs and Nationhood, Under direction of Randy Sparks, producer; 1964

  • Comics as Cultural Transmission, United States Steel, corporate producer; 1955

  • Magarac and the Working Man, Unattributed, author, illustrator; 1950

Working Conditions of Low Wage Laborers

  • Safety Measures, Wilson Company; 1920-1930 

  • The Cost of Mill Work, Duquesne Works; 1935-1936 

  • “Carnegie Steel Company Considers Safety Constantly," Carnegie Steel Company; 1917 

  • Hard Hat; 1950s 

Cultural Contributions of an Immigrant Community 

  • List of Donors for the Hungarian Room in the Cathedral of Learning, George Meszaros, Julius Toth, et. al., members of the Arranging-Committee of the Hungarian/Magyar Day of Western Pennsylvania; 1927 

  • Concert Program for the Budapest University Chorus, The Hungarian Concert Committee, organizer; 1937 

  • Program for the American Magyar Progressive Association’s Fourth Annual Dinner dedicated to the Hungarian Nationality Room, American Magyar Progressive Association, organizer; 1936

  • Signed concert program for Hungarian violinist Francis Arányi’s concert given at Town Hall in New York City, Concert Management Arthur Judson, Inc., organizer; 1937

  • Concert program for Hungarian violinist Alexander Harsanyi’s concert given at Town Hall in New York City, Concert Management Arthur Judson, Inc., organizer; 1936

  • Newspaper feature on Pittsburgh’s Hungarian refugees from the 1956 Revolution, William Gill, Press staff writer; 1957 

  • Newspaper article on Pittsburgh’s Hungarian refugees from the 1956 Revolution, Nick Flocos, journalist; 1957 

  • Letter from Coloman Revesz soliciting a donation from the American Service Institute, Coloman Revesz, National President, William Penn Fraternal Association; 1956 

  • Newspaper article on the merger of the Verhovay and Rákóczi Associations, Pittsburgh Sun-Telegraph, newspaper; 1955 


Exhibit Photographs