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Guide on Past and Current Archives & Special Collections Exhibits @ the University of Pittsburgh Library System - Oakland (2020-present)

Be Strong and of Good Courage: A Celebration of Women at Pitt

Date of exhibition: Fall 2020- Spring 2022

Curator: Kathleen Donahoe (Project Archivist), Zach Brodt (University Archivist for Archives & Special Collections)

Location: Archives & Special Collections exhibit gallery, 3rd floor Hillman Library, University of Pittsburgh 3960 Forbes Avenue Pittsburgh, PA 15260

Description: Be Strong and of Good Courage: A Celebration of Women at Pitt commemorates the histories, traditions, and legacies of women throughout the life of the University of Pittsburgh. With 2020 marking the 125th anniversary of women enrolling as full-time students, the 110th anniversary of the graduation of the first Black female student, and the 100th Lantern Night, it's the perfect time to remember the women who helped shape our university into what it is today.  

  • Photograph of Thyrsa Amos;1920-1941
  • Photograph of Agnes Lynch Scarlett
  • Letter from Friancis Phillips to William Holland; Francis C. Phillips, author; 1892
  • Portraits of Sella and Margaret Stein; 1895-1900
  • Report card of Stella and Margaret Stein; 1895
  • Letter from Chancellor Holland to Charles Reisfar; William J. Holland, author; 1898
  • Lanterns; University of Pittsburgh; 1942-1997
  • Lantern Night script; Women’s Self-Government Association; 1923-1929
  • Lantern Night Programs; Women’s Self-Government Association; 1940
  • Photograph of Ruth Crawford Mitchell; 1937-1940
  • Travel journal for Nationality Rooms research; Ruth Crawford Mitchell, author; 1936-1937
  • Photograph of Ruth Perkins Kuchn; 1944
  • Letter from female students to Chancellor Samuel McComick; Jane Fisher, author; 1913
  • Chancellor McCormick's response to female students; Samuel McCormick, author; 1913
  • "Co-Eds"; 1913
  • A study of the negro graduates of the University of Pittsburgh for the decade 1926 to 1936; Dr. Jean Hamilton Walls, author; 1938
  • Photograph of female students in The College; 1910
  • Vade Mecum; Women’s Self-Government Association; 1923-1949
  • Freshman Orientation course materials; Office of the Dean of Women; 1920-1950
  • Photograph of Heinz House; 1919-1928
  • Freshman women's arm band; Women’s Self-Government Association; 1920-1950
  • Photograph of Women's Basketball Team; W. O. Breckon Studios, photographer; 1914-1915
  • Chancellor's report to the Board of Trustees; Samuel McCormick, author; 1916-1917