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Guide on Past and Current Archives & Special Collections Exhibits @ the University of Pittsburgh Library System - Oakland (2020-present)

August Wilson and Place: How does Place allow further exploration of August Wilson & his work?

Date of Exhibition: Spring 2023 – Present

Curator: Dr. Jessica FitzPatrick (Professor in English & Director of Digital Narrative Interactive Design)

Location: Digital Interactive Wall, Archives & Special Collections exhibit gallery, 3rd floor Hillman Library, University of Pittsburgh 3960 Forbes Avenue Pittsburgh, PA 15260

Description: This is a work of cultural and spatial studies; visit the living map at View this exhibit in the mindset of Dr. Kimberly C. Ellis: "Our places are important to us because they are what we have, at any given time, as human beings grappling with meaning for ourselves, our lives, and each other. We build community with our wants, our needs, and our imaginations." (August Wilson: Pittsburgh Places in His Life and Plays, eds. Laurence A. Glasco and Christopher Rawson, xiii).

Exhibit Photographs