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Guide on Past and Current Archives & Special Collections Exhibits @ the University of Pittsburgh Library System - Oakland (2020-present)

Get with the Program: A guide to Musical Analysis and Storytelling, including Archival Comparisons

Date of Exhibition: Fall 2021- Present

Curator: Chloe Weiss (Pitt Undergraduate student studying Music and Creative Writing and 2021 Honors College Creative Arts Fellow) 

Location: Digital Interactive Wall, Archives & Special Collections exhibit gallery, 3rd floor Hillman Library, University of Pittsburgh 3960 Forbes Avenue Pittsburgh, PA 15260

Description: Get With the Program: A Guide to Musical Analysis and Storytelling, including Archival Comparisons examines the process from the page to performance. This exhibit is described in first-person, so you can get an idea of what I was thinking while I was working with the scores and with the choir, Beyond Measure. As this project was completed during a time where making music and connecting with people felt nearly impossible, this work is something that I will hold dear for the rest of my life. Whether you interact with this exhibit the minute it debuts or in 10 years, I hope you find something here that resonates, as it’s my belief that true connection through art is not always time-bound. I invite you to interact with my artist statement, connect with ULS materials, study the score, watch some rehearsal footage, read an interview (or three), and enjoy a filmed performance in Schenley Park. (Written by Chloe Weiss)

Exhibit Photographs