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The Compleat Angler: And Other Meditations on the Art and Philosophy of Fishing, 15th Century to the Present: North American Artists

The exhibit is located in the Reading Room at Archives & Special Collections, 363 Hillman Library, Spring - Fall 2017.

A.J. Casson: Morgan's Bay

A.J. Casson's linocut print of Morgan's Bay

Morgan's Bay by A.J. Casson

Alfred Joseph Casson was a Canadian painter and the youngest member of the influential Canadian artists group known as the Group of Seven.  His best known works are landscape paintings of southern Ontario and Maritime Canada.  Morgan’s Bay is located in the Muskoka Lakes District in the Highlands of Southern Ontario, and is described as a good fishing ground according to Randall Wainwright in his, The Angler’s Guide, published in 1909.  

Casson, Alfred Joseph (1898-1992).

Morgan's Bay.

n.d. [c. 1919-1920]

Color linocut on Japan Paper. Block: 7.5 x 7.75 in. 

University Library System - Archives & Special Collections - Leuba Collection

Gustave Baumann: Rio Tesuque

Rio Tesuque print  by Gustave Baumann

Rio Tesuque by Gustave Baumann

Gustave  Baumann,  a  German-born  American  painter  and  printmaker,  was travelling by train through New Mexico in 1918, when he decided to stay in Santa Fe.  He is considered a leading figure in the revival of the color woodcut in America, and his works have been exhibited at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D. C., and the New Mexico Museum of Art in Santa Fe.  The Rio Tesuque is a small stream that runs through mostly private land five miles north of Santa Fe, and is habitat for native Brown and Rainbow trout.  

Baumann, Gustave, (1881-1971).

Rio Tesuque

Second edition. [1946, 1930].

Color woodcut. Block: 9.5 x 11 1/8 in.

University Library System - Archives & Special Collections - Leuba Collection

Seong Moy: Nets

Nets print by Seong Moy

Nets by Seong Moy

Seong Moy was a Chinese-born American painter and printmaker.  He served as  an  aerial  reconnaissance  photographer  with  the  U.  S.  Army  Air  Corps  in  the China-Burma-India  Theater  during  World  War  II.    Moy’s  works  are  in  the permanent  collections  of  major  American  museums  including  the  Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Museum of Modern Art, and the Smithsonian.  

Moy, Seong, (1921-2013).


n.d. [c. 1965].

Woodcut. Block: 0.5 x 13 in. 

University Library System - Archives & Special Collections - Leuba Collection 

Boyd Hanna: Spring Beauty

Boyd Hanna "Spring Beauty" print

Spring Beauty by Boyd Hanna

Boyd Everett Hanna was an artist and illustrator from Irwin, Pennsylvania, who studied at Carnegie Mellon University.  His work is in the permanent collections of the  Metropolitan  Museum  of  Art,  the  New  York  Public  Library,  the  Library  of Congress, and the Boston Public Library.  

Hanna, Boyd Everett, (1907-1987).

Spring Beauty.

n.d. [c. 1940-1960?].

Wood engraving. Block: 3 3/8 x 2.75 in.

University Library System - Archives & Special Collections - Leuba Collection 

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