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James Boswell, Biographer and Diarist, Fall 2016 @ Archives & Special Collections: Case XIII: The Collector and Donor of the Smith-Boswell Collection

The Special Collections Department at the University of Pittsburgh presents an exhibition of the life of James Boswell, the writer who revolutionized the genre of biography and the broader literary tradition.

[A banner reading: "The Collector and Donor of the Smith-Boswell Collection.]

The Collector and Donor

The letters and scrapbook clippings included in this case document the avid interest and search for Boswell-related items and information by the collector and donor of the Smith-Boswell Collection, Pittsburgh Lawyer Templeton Smith. The exhibit, James Boswell, Biographer and Diarist, is composed almost entirely of books from this collection. In addition to the Smith-Boswell Collection, the ULS also possesses the Templeton Smith Photograph Collection and a number of Smith's publications, listed below.

Included Works

Case XIII contains ephemera from the Smith-Boswell Collection relating to the donors, rather than publications concerning Johnson and Boswell. They are as follows: 

Kenneth O. Smith 
“Finding Boswell Treasure Trove,” 
Clipping from “Everybody’s Weekly,” December 19th, 1948,  
The Philadelphia Inquirer. 
Scrapbook of the Smith-Boswell Collection

Letter of Frederick A. Pottle, Editor of the Yale Editions of the Boswell Papers, 
to Templeton Smith, September 19th, 1955

Letter of Templeton Smith to the 
Weidner Library Periodicals Department, August 10th, 1994

Claude Rawson 
“Vanity and Abasement, Lust and Piety” 
The New York Times, January 13th, 1985 
Scrapbook of the Smith-Boswell Collection

Leonard Cottrell 
“James Boswell’s Papers: 
The Greatest Literary Discovery of the Century.” 
Scrapbook of the Smith-Boswell Collection 
The Radio Times, August 10th, 1951