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African Studies and African Country Resources @ Pitt: Arab Spring & Beyond

This guide provides selected high-quality resources on the global, political, economic, social and cultural aspects of the continent of Africa and its countries. It features individual country pages as well as sources searchable by topic or country.

Web Resources

These web-based resources include general and up-to-date information about Arab Spring.  Maps, figures, tables, and photographs are included.

LGBT and the Arab Spring

What is Arab Spring?

During the winter of 2010 and the spring of 2011, pro-democracy protesters in the Middle East and North Africa rose up against the dictatorial regimes found in these countries.  The large-scale uprising and subsequent overthrow of many of these regimes is now referred to as Arab Spring.  Though the long-term social, political, and economic consequences have yet to be determined, the events that transpired were nonetheless significant. 

Arab Spring in 2013

 Interview with Phyliss Bennis, author and fellow at the Institute for Policy Studies and and Transnational Institute about the effects of Arab Spring in 2013

Books and e-Books About Arab Spring

News Sources

RSS Feed

From NPR, this RSS feed provides information about the Arab Spring movement and its aftermath

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