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Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies Program - Oakland Campus

A guide to resources and library services related to the field of gender, sexuality, and women's studies.

Local Periodicals

Pittsburgh Gay News by Gay Alternatives Pittsburgh

  • First published in May 1972
  • Ran until September 1976 when sold to a Philadelphia publisher and became Gay News Pittsburgh Edition

Gay News Pittsburgh Edition by Masco Communications

  • First published in October 1976
  • Ran until April 1980

Gay Life by GNC Inc.

  • First published in March 1977 by the authors of Pittsburgh Gay News
  • Ran until September 1979 when it transitioned to a new format as Pittsburgh's OUT

Planet Queer by Billy Hileman

  • First published in April 1994
  • Ran until January 1999

Pittsburgh's OUT by Out Publishing Co. Inc.

  • First published as a magazine in November 1979 
  • Switched to a newspaper format in August 1980
  • Ran until July 2012 when it transitioned to an online format

Archives & Special Collections

These periodicals are all currently housed within the Archives & Special Collections Department in Hillman Library. The Archives & Special Collections Department is the general designation for rare books, general manuscripts, and special collections which belong to the University of Pittsburgh. Established in 1966, the collections consists of over 52,000 physical volumes, 560 linear feet of manuscripts and archives, 13,000 photographs, 500,000 theatre programs, and various slides, microfilms, posters, recordings, ephemera, and memorabilia.

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Timeline of Pittsburgh's Local Gay Periodicals

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