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How to Turn a Page to Landscape Orientation

Sometimes tables and graphs are too wide to fit on a vertical page. By using landscape orientation, you can display the page on its side, giving you enough room to display your work. To make this change apply to just one page instead of the whole document, you must isolate it using two section breaks.

  1. Paste your table into the document.
  2. Place the cursor before the table but not in a previous section of text.
  3. From the menus, choose Page Layout, Breaks, then Section Break-Next Page.
  4. Place the cursor after the table and repeat this process.
  5. Click on the same page as your table and the use the Orientation dropdown to select Landscape.

  6. Select Draft from the View menu. This view will allow you to see the section breaks you just created. You can use it to take out any blank pages created as a result of the section breaks, without removing the breaks themselves.
  7. The finished product should look something like this.

  8. You will probably notice that your page numbers have started over at the beginning of each of the new sections you created. To continue your numbering from the previous section, place the cursor in each section and use the Insert menu to choose Page Numbers, Format Page Numbers, and click the radio button to Continue Page numbering from Previous Section.