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Electronic Theses and Dissertations Support Guide

Adding Tables

If you have created data in a table format and want to include it in your ETD, you have several methods to do so. 

  1. Copy and paste the table from the source document into your ETD document.
  2. Use the Insert command to add a table without data, but is an excel spreadsheet , and then paste in the data to that table. 

You may notice that the formatting of the table isn't the same as it was in the native source, so you may need to experiment with the table design and table layout options .  One of the simplest ways to adjust the inserted cells is to use the Auto-fit --> Window option.  This will expand or contract the table to fit into the 6.5" page width.  If your table is best displayed in a landscape format, please refer to our instructions on how to adjust page orientation

If you have a discipline specific style guide for your tables, please confirm that these customizations will be acceptable by your Student Services Staff Member. 

Tables that Span Multiple Pages

If your table spans multiple pages, you will need to add continued captions at the top of the page on which the table continues. There are generally two methods to do this.

  1. If your table only spans two pages, you can use a text box to add the continued caption.
    • Use the Insert --> Text Box command
    • Add just the text from your already inserted caption
    • Make sure the reference caption number isn't active, so only paste in the characters.
    • Type (continued) at the end of this caption
    • Expand the sides of the text box to the side margins
    • Change the Shape Fill and Shape Outline to No Fill and No Outline respectively
  2. If your table spans more than two pages, you will need to use the Split Table command to force the table to break into more manageable sections.
    • With the cursor in the leftmost column and nearest row to the top of the page, select Layout --> Split Table 
    • In the line above the split off table, paste or type in the caption for the original table.
    • Make sure the reference caption number isn't active, so only paste in the characters.
    • Type (continued) at the end of this caption
    • Continue this process for each page that the table will break across.
    • Be aware that merged rows may not break properly and you may need to break the table earlier than seems appropriate. 

*It should also be noted that any changes to the caption numbering for the original caption will not be reflected in the continued caption lines. You will need to manually update any incorrect numbering.  It is reccomnended that you add these continued captions once all of you tables are inserted and no more edits are required.