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Electronic Theses and Dissertations Support Guide

Creating Custom Appendix Labels for Figures and Tables

  1. When captioning a figure or label, create the New Label.
    1. Depending on your naming conventions, it may be easier to title your label as Figure A or Figure App so that the numbering applies numerically and not using the chapter as a reference.
    2. If you are using Template v. 1.9, you will need to create Appendix Figure and Appendix Table as custom labels to utilize the customized List of Figures/Tables that we have created.
  2. On the Home tab, select the Show Paragraph Marks option.
  3. Next insert your cursor into the heading of the section that follows the list of tables or list of figures.
  4. Using the Styles menu select Normal.
  5. Hit Return twice to create a new line.
  6. On the line closest to the original list of figures/tables, use the Layout tab to select Breaks – Continuous.
  7. In the line after the continuous break, place your cursor and use the References tab to Insert Table of Figures.
    1. Select the label that you wish to build the Appendix figures/tables for and it should appear in the space after the continuous break.
  8. Then select the line with the continuous break and set the font to be the size 1.  Then open the Font menu by expanding the small arrow at the bottom right of the Font tab on the ribbon.
  9. You can now replace the Heading style for the section following the customized list.