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Electronic Theses and Dissertations Support Guide

How to Create Links

Normally, all the links you need are created automatically during the conversion from MS Word. In the rare case that you may need to create one, follow these instructions:

  1. Scroll to the page where you’d like to make the link and then open the Tools toolbar.
  2. Click Add or Edit Link (It may be under Edit PDF).

  1. Existing links will be visible via boxes drawn around their clickable areas. Draw your own link area by clicking and dragging the mouse.
  2. A window will appear when you are done drawing the link area. Select Invisible Rectangle from the Link Type dropdown and Go to a Page View from the Link Action radio buttons.

  1. Now it’s time to tell Acrobat where the link points to. Click Next and you’ll see a window that asks you to scroll to the page where the link should take the user. Click Set Link.

  1. Click on the Hand tool to switch back out of Link mode, or click the X to exit Edit PDF mode.
  2. Test your link.