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Electronic Theses and Dissertations Support Guide

Three Paper Dissertation Format

The three-paper dissertation differs from a traditional dissertation in that it contains three separate, publishable papers that should be or normal journal length and of related themes.  To submit a three-paper dissertation, please refer to the following guidelines: 

  • The arrangement and synthesis of the related works should be approved by the defense committee and advisor. 
  • Each paper should be understood without requiring any external related works. 
  • There should also be two chapters, beyond the included works, that address: 
    • An introduction that states the overarching thesis which combines the works. This will function as the cord that weaves the various papers together and describes, for the reader, their ‘collective meaning’ and ‘combined contribution’ to the dissertation.  
    • A summary or final discussion that resolves the initial thesis and summarizes any points brought forth in the introduction. 
  • Any extra sections can be suggested by the committee and should be placed in a logical order. 
  • The format of the included papers should match the ETD Formatting Guidelines for the University of Pittsburgh. 
  • Any alterations will need to be made by the student.