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Marketing Research @ Pitt

This guide will introduce you to the resources available to conduct secondary marketing research.


One method to size a market is to use existing reports. There are roughly three different categories of firms that analyze markets that can help to size a market. 

Market Research Firms

  • Written by analysts and researchers to cover many different industries
  • Written for large firms and universities who need broad information about a market
  • Size information might be too broad to be helpful and potentially inaccurate

Investment Analyst Firms

  • Written by analysts who specialize in an industry and research everything including rumors
  • These analysts make projections to help clients know whether to buy/sell/hold
  • There's potential bias to overinflate market size since these reports are sold to the investment community

Market Analyst Firms

  • Written by analysts who have worked in these industries
  • Tend to be considered "household names" in the business world
  • The connections these analysts have mean that the market sizes they develop are considered the "gold standard" and reliable. 
    • The downside is that they cost a lot and are harder for universities to get

Information taken from "Chapter 23 Market Sizing Activity" by Meryl Brodsky in Teaching Business Information Literacy under a CC-BY-SA license. 

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