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Marketing Research @ Pitt

This guide will introduce you to the resources available to conduct secondary marketing research.

Market Reports

Resources Available

The ULS has access to a market report database called BCC Research! This database provides detailed market reports from 20 categories, including semiconductors, information technology, healthcare, etc.

However, we cannot typically get access to other market research reports found on sites like,, or as they tend to cost thousands of dollars each.

However, there are some alternatives. The following databases are typically the best places to check:

Some tips

When doing market research, it is typically helpful to know the primary code(s), such as NAICS and SIC codes, associated with that market. You can then search in all of the above databases with that code for targeted results.

Finally, advanced Google searching can also be beneficial, particularly focusing on trade or industry associations, government reports and websites, and white papers from companies or think tanks.

If you have additional questions, please use Ask Us.