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The guide highlights the specialized resources and services offered by the University Library System to aid STEM researchers, students, and faculty.

How do I find protocols and methods for STEM research?

Well-documented protocols and methods are essential to the research process, particularly for reproducibility and replicability. In their reuse and modification, they also save researchers time and effort in their experimental design. So, how to find them? Here are some techniques you can try:

  • Read recent papers in your field, paying special attention to their Methods section and the citations therein.
  • Certain journals publish protocols, and some specialize in them. Two examples are Nature Protocols and the Wiley series of  "Current Protocols in . . ." various topics (search PittCat to see what is available at Pitt). Consult with your liaison librarian (see below) to explore further.
  • Check for compilations of protocols or methods in handbooks and book series, such as: Peptide Synthesis: Methods and Protocols and Organic Syntheses.
  • Search databases for relevant articles. For example, IEEExplore and the ACM Digital Library index rules for computer communication and methods for computation and data handling. SciFinder-n and Reaxys index synthetic and analytical methods in chemistry.
  • Browse your field on, a (citable!) repository for methods and protocols.
  • Watch a video. JoVE (Journal of Visualized Experiments) videos demonstrate a wide variety of lab methods and techniques. (Available sections are marked in color.)

Need help?

If you need help with finding methods or protocols for your research, contact your subject specialist or reach out for a consultation via our Ask Us page!