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STEM Library Services @ Pitt

The guide highlights the specialized resources and services offered by the University Library System to aid STEM researchers, students, and faculty.

How do I find datasets and geographic information for STEM research?

Data are highly heterogeneous and broadly distributed, so the first step will be to browse for what is available in your discipline. (It also depends on what you need the data for—e.g., for teaching and learning, for reference values, or for comparison with some other data.) Here are a few techniques you can try for finding STEM research data:

More detailed information about searching for datasets resides in the Library's Finding Data subject guide. Geographic data fit with some of the techniques mentioned above, but our Geographic Information System (GIS) Resources subject guide is highly recommended.

Need help?

If you need help finding data for your purpose, reach out for a consultation via our Ask Us page! Consultations for finding data are part of the Library's research data services.