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How do I find information about the properties of materials?

Knowledge of the chemical and physical properties of substances can be very important, whether you are doing research in a lab, handling chemicals anywhere, considering materials in the design of a process or product, or even in computational studies. Properties information can be found in a  variety of databases, handbooks and reference books, journal articles, patents, other documents, and websites. A few widely applicable online sources are listed below, but there are many others, including helpful print materials.



If you are working in a lab or handling chemicals anywhere, it's important not only to know about the properties of the chemical substances, but also to be aware of policies and procedures that must be followed, and to develop a general "culture of safety" in the workplace. The resources below will help you get started.

Need help?

If you are interested in more information or assistance with finding either property information for materials or safety information, please contact the subject specialist or submit a question through Ask Us.