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Course & Subject Guides

SPARKS: Promoting Diversity & Inclusion at Pitt-Johnstown and the Local Communities

This guide contains resources covering equity, diversity, and inclusion topics that are available through Owen Library or freely online.







Our Mission

  1. Increase participation and engagement related to diversity and inclusion on the Pitt-Johnstown campus. ​
  2. Create a supportive and inclusive environment at Pitt-Johnstown​.
  3. Sustainably engage Pitt-Johnstown and local communities in promoting diversity and inclusion.

Our Members

Faculty & Staff:

  • Dr. Tuangtip "Noon" Klinbubpa-Neff, Principal Investigator (Pitt-Johnstown, English Department)
  • Peter Egler (University Library System, Johnstown Campus-Owen Library) 
  • Dr. Marsha Grimminger (Pitt-Johnstown, Chemistry Department) 
  • Dr. Ola Johanssen (Pitt-Johnstown, Geography Department) 
  • April Kelley (University Library System, Johnstown Campus-Owen Library)
  • Dr. Ryan Kerrigan (Pitt-Johnstown, Geology Department) 
  • David Kupas (University Library System, Johnstown Campus-Owen Library)
  • Jim Langan (University Library System, Johnstown Campus-Owen Library)
  • Laurie Voelker (University Library System, Johnstown Campus-Owen Library)


  • Abbey-Gale Brooks. Project Assistant
  • Madison Blough, Media Assistant


  • Rachel Allen (Unity Coalition of Southern Alleghenies)
  • Laryssa Duncan (Cambria County Library)
  • Dr. Shannon Telenko (Penn State University, Postdoctoral Scholar for Equity Pedagogy + Facilitator)