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Latin American Concrete Poetry and Artists' Books: Case 4

An exhibit featuring a selection of Latin American concrete poetry and artists' books from the Special Collections Department

Case 4 Banner

Poem from the Case

"La Poesia no es Suficiente" by Clemente Padin

From 16 Poemas Sueltos by Clemente Padín

Performance by Clemente Padín

The Case

Photo of Case 4

About the Content

The fourth case features works from Guatemala and Uruguay.  A common trait of these poems is their three-dimensional nature, rather than simply linear words on a page.  For example, Wojciechowski's poem is made up of cards in a box, and Nájera's works are printed on cardboard, tied together with string.  These unusual mediums force the reader to think about the poems in the context of the materials, adding layers of meaning that words alone cannot convey.

Included Works