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Latin American Concrete Poetry and Artists' Books: Case 3

An exhibit featuring a selection of Latin American concrete poetry and artists' books from the Special Collections Department

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Poem from the Case

"Bebe Coca Cola" by Décio Pignatari

"Bebe Coca Cola" by Décio Pignatari

Video interpretation of the same poem

The Case

Photo of Case 3

About the Content

The third case features works created by artists from Brazil, the birthplace of Latin American concrete poetry.  Included are poems from the original members of the Noigandres group that represent examples of early concrete poems.  It was common for concrete poets to collaborate with visual artists to add imagery to their words.  One such artist, Julio Plaza, frequently worked with Augusto de Campos to create some of de Campos' most renowned works.

Included Works

Interview with Augusto de Campos

In July of 1992, The Harvard Library Bulletin conducted an interview with Augusto de Campos about concrete poetry and more.  Click below to access a transcript of the interview.

Interview with Augusto de Campos