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Latin American Concrete Poetry and Artists' Books: Case 2

An exhibit featuring a selection of Latin American concrete poetry and artists' books from the Special Collections Department

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Poem from the Case

First Poem by Nicanor Parra

Second Poem by Nicanor Parra

From Artefactos by Nicanor Parra

The Case

Photo of Case 2

About the Content

This second case features works from Chile. The Chilean poets frequently addressed political issues and used the genre  to protest the dictatorship during the Régimen Militar.  They often chose unusual mediums for their works, ranging from cards, videos to bags of Chilean soil.

Included Works

Cecilia Vicuña

In addition to being a poet, Cecilia Vicuña is also famous for translating her works into other mediums, like songs, studio art, and performances.  Her YouTube page contains videos of some of these transformed poems, along with interviews and other poetry-themed videos.

Cecilia Vicuña's YouTube Page