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Course & Subject Guides

Information for International Students

This guide provides information about using the library at Pitt, including help with researching, writing, and citing.

East Asian Gateway Services

If you need an academic journal article published in Chinese or Korean, but the journal is nowhere available in the United States, do not worry. The East Asian Gateway Service will be able to help. We have more than 18 partner libraries in China and Korea. The chance is very high that we will somehow get what you are looking for and send to you in email for FREE, and very FAST (usually within 3 business days). Just fill in the request form online and the rest is on us.

Did You Know?

Did you know that we have librarians who specialize in specific disciplines? These librarians are called "Subject Specialists" or "Liaison Librarians" and they are available to work with you one-on-one with your specific research questions. To find your librarian, use the Subject Specialist list linked below. Call, email, or stop by in person to set up an appointment.

Foreign Language Collections

International Resources and Research Guides

International resources are an important part of the library collections. The libraries at Pitt collect books, journals, movie DVDs and other formats in a variety of languages such as Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Russian, and Spanish. Below are links to foreign language resource and research guides.

Finding Multilingual Materials

Searching for non-English materials on PittCat is easy! Did you know that you can search on PittCat in native language? You can also limit your search results by language. Try it now in PittCat.