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Background on the Archive of European Integration

The Archive of European Integration (AEI) resides on servers in the University Library System, University of Pittsburgh. The AEI is a free to everyone electronic repository and archive for research materials on the topics of European integration and unification. Its focus is the post-War development, activities, and foreign relations of the European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC), the European Atomic Energy Community (Euratom), the European Economic Community (EEC), the European Community (EC), and the European Union (EU).


HOW  TO USE THESE GUIDES:  This guide contains titles extracted from the AEI and placed into subject/policy guides.  The guide contains 23 individual Subject/Policy Guides. An additional 28 guides reside within the listed guides as Related Guides. Each of the Related Guides is listed on appropriate Subject/Policy Guides.  Twenty-six of the guides focus on internal EU policy areas, the other 19 focus on External Relations.

Here are descriptions of items in certain sections of the guides:


  • Fact sheets on the European Parliament - these explain the historical development of the policy areas, including the treaty basis, objectives and achievements of policy activity. Critical documents are listed.
  • European Union Explained - brief brochure focused on nature of policy area.
  • ESO Information Guide - detailed historical description of all phases of policy area, Critical documents are listed. 


  • Key Documents: contains 10-15 titles no longer than 12 pages each, mostly shorter items which provide an historical overview of the subject from the time of the earliest publications we have for the area.
  • Chronological Documents: contains 25-35 titles, mostly longer, more substantive items which provide substance to the items in Key Documents.
  • Annuals: contains all annuals on the AEI for that subject.
  • Serials: contains all serials on the AEi for that subject.
  • Related Guides: additional guides related to topic of main guide.
  • All Guides: list of all guides as easy way to get to other guides without going back to home page.


Mostly larger, more substantive documents.

Smaller, review-type documents: newsletters, press releases, etc.