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Elizabeth Nesbitt Collection @ Pitt: Goodrich Titles

This guide identifies some of the 12,000+ resources available in the Nesbitt Collection. Comprised of children's literature and material related to the history of children and their books, collection items date from the 1600's through the present.

General Works

Listed below are Peter Parley Titles in the Nesbitt Collection with links to their PittCat records.

Parley's Cabinet Titles

Below is a list of titles from the popular Parley's Cabinet Library Series as well as links to their records in PittCat.

Parley's Periodicals

Juvenile Magazines by Samuel Goodrich held in the Nesbitt Collection include:

  • Merry's Museum and Parley's Magazine
  • Merry's Museum, for Boys and Girls
  • Parley's Magazine
  • Robert Merry's Museum

The Balloon Travels of Robert Merry

These three volumes are a view from the air per Peter Parley of some of the prominent sights of Europe, i.e. Paris, London.  This was written before the advent of flight.

Works by Thomas Tegg

Tegg, a English printer, contracted with Goodrich to write some books for him to publish. 

Tegg, however, printed the books but paid no royalties and routinely counterfeited his work, saying that he had done more for Parley than Parley had done for him!