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Doing Business Abroad @ Pitt

This guide is intended to help Pitt business students learn about the countries they may be traveling to or studying abroad in, as well as provide resources they can use to learn about business topics in those countries.

Industry Information

Industry info will give you an overview and in-depth understanding of a particular industry. Oftentimes you will be able to get specific industry reports or information within a specific geography as well, such as the dog food industry in Germany.

However, industry research is rarely straightforward, so keep an open mind and follow these tips.

Search tips:

  • Try related terms for keyword searches, like "apparel" vs. "clothing." Databases may have different terms for the same or similar industry.
  • Try multiple databases. Each covers different industries, with some overlap.
  • Industry code designations are NOT uniform across databases (see box below). You may have to adjust your search as you use different databases.
  • Use trade associations. Finding trade associations can be a big help as they often produce and publish helpful reports and data.

More information on conducting industry research at Pitt.

International Industry Profiles

Industry reports contain valuable analysis of an industry's operating conditions, driving forces, competitive landscape, and more.

International Industry Associations

Trade association websites often contain industry news & information, although some data may be available to members only. Look for news, research, resources, library, data, or other tabs on the association's website.

These are often great sources of information, so don't overlook them!

How to find relevant industry associations and organizations

Do an advanced Google Search, structured like the following: industry description + association

Example: fiber optics + association

Example: automobile + association

Hint: Adding the command to a Google search will limit all the results to those with domains ending in .org.

Hint: You can also add terms like 'global' or 'international' or the specific country you are interested in.

Check out the Encyclopedia of International Associations (link below)