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Doing Business Abroad @ Pitt

This guide is intended to help Pitt business students learn about the countries they may be traveling to or studying abroad in, as well as provide resources they can use to learn about business topics in those countries.

Country & Culture Profiles

BBC News country profile for ArgentinaCountry profiles are great ways to learn about the country you are studying or visiting. Many profiles provide historical backgrounds, summaries of important people and events, and other political, economic, and social information. Some also include current events. 

Search tips:

  • The organization preparing the profile has its own unique viewpoint.
  • Using multiple country profiles will give you a more complete picture. 

Country Profiles: General

Country Profiles: Business

Cultural Info

Below are a few quality resources for cultural information and for business etiquette.

Economic Freedom

Economic freedom refers to the extent to which individuals can voluntarily carry out transactions in their own interests, with minimal interference by the state.