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Doing Business Abroad @ Pitt

This guide is intended to help Pitt business students learn about the countries they may be traveling to or studying abroad in, as well as provide resources they can use to learn about business topics in those countries.

Business Research Help

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Data & Statistics

Data and statistics can give you more in-depth, quantitative, information about the country you are studying or visiting.

Data and statistics can be found in a variety of places, including websites and databases that focus solely on quantitative information to books and articles that include supplemental data.

Search tips:

  • Start with broad searches and narrow from there
  • Keep in mind that the exact dataset you are looking for might not exist, you might have to extrapolate or use multiple sources
  • Contact the business librarian if you have questions

Global Statistics

Here are some suggested sources for demographic, financial, and other data for countries around the world.

European Statistics

For Europe-specific data and statistics, try these resources.

Trade Statistics

Find trade statistics for your host country and the U.S.