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Korean Studies Resources and Services @ Pitt

This guide introduces major print and electronic resources on Korean Studies at the University of Pittsburgh. Tips on effectively searching for Korean materials on PITTCat are also given.


Welcome to the Library Research Guide for Korean Studies. Here you will find resources and services for Korean Studies at the University of Pittsburgh.

The Korean collection at the University of Pittsburgh is comparatively new, but growing vigorously in recent years, especially with supplemental acquisition budget support from the Asian Studies Center. As of June 2014, the collection ranks the 19th among all Korean collections in North America, with a holding of over 16,000 volumes of Korean monographs, 100 titles of current Korean periodicals, and more than 900 media resources. The collection is strong in core reference materials of Korean studies, Korean economics and politics, history, literature, language, religion, etc.The collection also holds an extensive number of North Korean periodicals and film DVDs.

In addition, the Korean document delivery service provides PITT-affiliated users with Korean academic publications not held by or available from libraries in the United States. Please visit the East Asian Gateway Service for more details.

Services for Korean Studies