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Erroll Garner Archive @ Pitt

The Contractual Side of the Music Business

The music industry is often a difficult one to navigate, particularly when it comes to the matters of copyright, contracts, and ownership. Luckily for Erroll, Martha was more than capable when it came to managing his affairs. One place where her determination can best be seen is in the four-year battle over the rights to "Misty," which is detailed wonderfully in Pitt Assistant Professor Michael Heller's post on the affair written after working with the Archive. 

This portion of the collection documents various aspects of the legal side of Garner's career, including:

  • Concert contracts
  • Copyright documents
  • Licenses
  • Depositions
  • Documents related to the operation of Erroll and Martha's Octave Music Publishing Corporation

A complete inventory of this series can be found in the collection guide, Boxes 24-40.