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Passport (Global Market Information Database) Guide

This guide will help introduce users to Passport, demonstrating how to find various types of information.

Citing Passport

Below are examples of how to cite information you find in Passport, based on our interpretation of APA.

Data Table Example:

Euromonitor. (2012). Market Sizes- Historic- Retail Value RSP- US$mm- Current Prices Year-on-Year Exchange Rates- Packaged Food. [Statistics]. Retrieved from Passport.

Analysis Article Example:

Euromonitor. (2011, Dec 1). Annual Study 2011: Generational Differences. Retrieved from Passport.

Remember, one of the main reasons we cite is to ensure others can find the material we use. Do your best to include the necessary information one would need to locate the same table or article in Passport.

Contact us, or use our citation guide for more information on citing business resources,