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Passport (Global Market Information Database) Guide

This guide will help introduce users to Passport, demonstrating how to find various types of information.

What is Passport?

Passport is a database that contains a wealth of information and data on markets, industries, and consumers around the world.

Use Passport when you are looking for:

  • Market shares by brand for specific consumer products
  • Demographics at the country level
  • Various governmental data, including levels of government spending on things like defense, corruption levels, infrastructure data, etc.
  • Economic and resource data.
  • Consumer lifestyle data, such as how frequently people shop, eat, drink out, etc.
  • Company profiles, particularly for large and/or international firms
  • and so much more

Passport is complex, so reach out to the librarians listed on this guide for support.

How to access Passport

You can use the link above, or access Passport from the libraries database list found on the library homepage, under the Databases tab.

The fourth item in the menu for PittCat+ allows you to search for Pitt databases.