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Building Digital Exhibits Using Omeka @ Pitt

ULS-Hosted Omeka Sites

Remember, anyone can create a trial Omeka site for free!

However, some projects may be eligible for access to a ULS-Hosted Omeka Site, using the Platinum Plan paid for by the University of Pittsburgh Library System. The ULS Omeka Plan allows for greater functionality through a larger list of plugins and themes, as well as dedicated training and consultation support. Projects must meet the following criteria in order to apply:

  • The site owner must be a University of Pittsburgh affiliate (although the project team may include non-Pitt affiliates)
  • The site owner must commit to maintenance of the site for the duration of its active lifecycle
  • The site must be intended to be public
  • One or more of the following must be true:
    • The project requires plugins and/or storage beyond what is available through the trial (free) plan
    • The site concerns or is connected to a Pitt department, center, program, club, ongoing initiative, or similar
    • The site focuses on ULS Archives and Special Collections materials

A library-sponsored site requires an application; you can start that process by filling out our Site Interest Form. A member of the library’s Omeka Team will reach out to you soon to consult with you about your request. Consultation does not guarantee access to a ULS-Hosted Omeka Site. Please account for at least 3 weeks for the site consultation and application process.

If you have any questions about the ULS-Hosted Omeka Site service, you can contact us via Ask Us to ask questions or schedule an informational consultation.