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Building Digital Exhibits Using Omeka @ Pitt

Submit Your Item

A screenshot of the Add Item box showing a big green Add Item button, two checkboxes for Public and Featured, and a drop-down menu to select a collectionAfter you have added metadata, files, and/or tags to your item, it's time to submit. This saves your item and makes it accessible for you to use in Collections and Exhibits. You can save your item at any time and return to edit it later.

If you're editing an existing item, these instructions will be the same--the only difference is that your button will now read "Save Changes" instead of "Add Item."

You have a few options when you are saving your item:

  • "Public" makes your item publicly viewable. Leave this unchecked if you want to save your item as a draft for now.
  • "Featured" makes this item appear on the front page of your site.
  • If you have created Collections, you can select one from the drop-down to add this item to it. If you haven't yet created a Collection that you want to add this item to, you can always add it later by editing the item or batch-editing multiple items.

When you're ready, click the "Add Item" button to save your data. You have now created an item!