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Found Treasures, Spring 2014 @ Pitt Special Collections: The Exhibit

This library guide is an overview of the Special Collection's exhibit, "Found Treasures," a selection of works that represent major fine and private presses held by Special Collections.

Officina Bodoni Press

The Making of A Book at the Officina Bodoni: Twelve Woodcuts. By Frans Masereel. Verona: Officina Bodoni, 1973.

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The Exhibit

The “Found Treasures” exhibit features examples from 27 (out of 70) private and fine presses held by Special Collections. While this guide profiles only five presses, it is a mere sampling of imprints in the exhibit.  

What is a fine or private press? Abe Books offers these great definitions:

Fine Press

"A fine press is a type of publisher that produces books of a high intrinsic and artistic quality. A fine press will often publish books in limited edition, include additional illustrations from a famous artist, use higher quality paper, or employ a famous bookbinder for their volumes.  The distinguishing difference between a fine press and a small press is the fine presses’ commitment to fine printing and superior quality."

-Abe Books

Private Press

"This is type of small press that is most often operated as an artistic or craft-based venture rather than a purely commercial business.  Private press is often a term used to describe the English Arts and Crafts movement of the 19th and 20th centuries under the influence of William Morris whose Kelmscott Press aimed to return publishing to its medieval roots and away from the cheap mechanization of the Industrial Revolution."

-Abe Books

Exhibition curated by Charles Aston (, curator of rare books, prints, and exhibits.


The Presses

The following two files document the presses included in the exhibit as well as the other fine and private press holdings that can found at Special Collections

We would be happy to pull materials from the other presses for viewing:

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