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Found Treasures, Spring 2014 @ Pitt Special Collections: Kelmscott Press

This library guide is an overview of the Special Collection's exhibit, "Found Treasures," a selection of works that represent major fine and private presses held by Special Collections.

Founder, William Morris

William Morris. By Frederick Hollyer, 1887.

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About Kelmscott Press

  • Founded in 1890 by William Morris.
  • Ceased operation in 1896.
  • Morris used the typeface Golden based on Nicholas Jensen's Roman type, Troy.
  • Masterpiece is The Works of Geoffrey Chacer, printed in 1896.
  • Morris asked Emery Walker and Sidnery Cockerell to take over the press when he died, but it was closed shortly after Morris' death.

Various Kelmscott Publications On Display



The Tale of Beowulf. Hammersmith: Kelmscott Press, 1895.


Degrevant. Hammersmith, England: Kelmscott Press, 1896