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Education Research - Oakland Campus: Introduction

This guide is designed to help graduate students in the School of Education with their Masters or PhD. level research.

Covid-19 Updates

As Monday, March 16, all the ULS library locations will be open to Pitt affiliates only.  Please check our Library Services Continuity page for more information.

School of Education Faculty, staff and students can get online help by contacting Marnie Hampton at  I am happy to make an appointment to meet with you online.  The ULS is committed to supporting all of our faculty, students, and researchers as the University transitions to online instruction.  Please note: As of Monday, March 16 we are open to Pitt affiliates only. 

  • Library Hours
  • Reserve questions
  • Need an item from the Thomas Blvd. Facility?: Use the Catalog as you will normally do.
  • Worried about overdue items?: We are working on extending due dates. Please be assured that no fines will be imposed.

How Do I . .

. . Find sources for my research?

Starting your research can be tough, but these pages can help you along the way.  If you're stuck at any point, talk to a librarian.  Librarians can save you time and work by pointing you toward the best source of information for your topic.

. . Find out if someone else has investigated my research topic?

Along with searching book and article literature, reviewing existing dissertations can give you an idea what research has been done within a field as well as clue you into how to structure a dissertation.

. . Find articles on a topic?

        The ULS has access to millions of full-text articles online through the ULS Databases

. . Find tips and techniques on how to use those databases?

. . Get help with writing and citing sources?

Getting Full-text Articles, Chapters and Books

The Get It! service allows users access to materials from across the Pitt collection!  Get It! lets everyone request the following from any ULS library, ULS Storage, and regional campuses:

  • Scans of individual chapters from books within the Pitt Collection
  • Scans of individual articles from paper magazines & journals from the Pitt collection
  • Delivery of books or items from a ULS Library or Storage to the ULS library of your choice

To use Get it!

  1. Find the available item in PITTCat+
  2. Click through to PITTCat Classic
  3. Click the Get it! heading in the upper area of the record.  Log in using your University Computing Account (email) username and password, and select Get It! from the drop-down menu.
  4.  Fill out the form; if you are requesting a chapter or article, fill in the citation information.  

See More HERE

Watch this Video: Using Get it! to Request Items from Storage

If Pitt Libraries don't have the books you need, you can use E-ZBorrow to request the items from other academic libraries.  Borrow an item from one of 70+ other regional libraries -- fast! You will need your Pitt ID number (starts with 2P) to use E-ZBorrow.

  • Pick up and return the items at any ULS Library. Items are generally delivered within 4-7 days
  • You will be notified via email when the book is available for pickup
  • E-ZBorrow items are checked out for six weeks with one six week renewal
  • Overdue fines are .25 per day/per item
  • The E-ZBorrow system handles requests for books. If you need a photocopy of an article, please request it through ILL (Interlibrary Loan) 
  • Your Patron ID No. is the number on your PITT ID

See More HERE

If you cannot find the materials you need from Get It! or E-Z Borrow, try Interlibrary Loan (ILL)!  You can order books or articles through this service, that will again be delivered to you for free.

ILL services are available to Pitt students, staff and faculty with a valid Pitt ID and Pitt computing account

• Articles usually arrive within 4 days and will be downloadable from your list of requests 
• Loans usually arrive within 2 weeks and will be visible from your account in PITTCat once they arrive
• Loan periods and renewals vary depending on the lending institution
• Loans can be picked up and returned at any ULS library
• Overdue fines are $1 per day per item, with no grace period
• A one-time user registration is required before making an ILL request.  You will not need to re-enter personal information every time you make a request
See More HERE
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