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Education Research - Oakland Campus

This guide is designed to help students in the School of Education with their Masters or PhD. level research.

How Do I . .

. . Find sources for my research?

Starting your research can be tough, but these pages can help you along the way.  If you're stuck at any point, talk to a librarian.  Librarians can save you time and work by pointing you toward the best source of information for your topic.

. . Find out if someone else has investigated my research topic?

Along with searching book and article literature, reviewing existing dissertations can give you an idea what research has been done within a field as well as clue you into how to structure a dissertation.

. . Find articles on a topic?

        The ULS has access to millions of full-text articles online through the ULS Databases

. . Find tips and techniques on how to use those databases?

. . Get help with writing and citing sources?