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Doing Business Research @ Pitt

Provides a high-level overview and starting point to business research using Pitt resources.

Pittsburgh Resources

Finding information on Pittsburgh companies and industries can be challenging when many of our resources focus on US or Global industries or large public firms. Try using the resources below to find information regarding local business.

Pittsburgh Companies

View of downtown Pittsburgh at the PointTo find a local Pittsburgh company, you may need a more specialized set of sources or a regional perspective for smaller Pittsburgh companies. 

Use the links in this box to find resources you can use to find information on Pittsburgh companies, particularly those that are smaller and/or private.

Image by Henry C. Schmitt, CC-BY.

Pittsburgh Business Focused Websites

Pittsburgh Business Directories

Local newspapers can be a great source of information for local companies.  For information about many newspapers in the Pittsburgh region, consult the following libguide. 

Good places to search for local news include: