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Doing Business Research @ Pitt

Provides a high-level overview and starting point to business research using Pitt resources.

International Business Research

Whether you are studying an international company or a global industry or planning to study abroad or visit another country, these resources can help.

For more information, check out the Doing Business Abroad @ Pitt guide. It includes information on:

  • Country & Culture Profiles
  • Current Events
  • Data & Statistics
  • and more

Research Databases for International Business Information

Many resources are limited in their scope and only include information on companies and industries from the United States or North America. Both the research databases and free online resources listed below have information on international companies or provide in-depth country profiles, including industry and demographic information.

Free Online Resources

In addition to the resources available through the University of Pittsburgh, there are a number of companies and organizations that make some information available for free through their websites. Some of the information listed below will be completely available for free, while others will give you a preview in hopes that you will pay for more access.