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Chinese Newspapers, Periodicals, Dissertations @ Pitt: Getting Started

This guide aims to help readers access and use Chinese newspapers, periodicals and dissertations through The East Asian Library at University of Pittsburgh.

How to Search

良友 (Liang You)

One of the most influential and popular comprehensive pictorial (photographic) journals in modern China.

Searching and Locating

Searching -

  • Chinese periodicals and newspapers in ALL formats carried by ULS are searchable at PITTCat or PITTCat+
  • For a guide to searching Chinese materials in PITTCat or PITTCat+ please visit this LibGuide created by Xiuying Zou

Locating -

  • Bound Chinese periodicals are located on the second floor of Hillman Library.
  • Some of frequently browsed / popular journals are shelved at the beginning of Chinese reference section. All other journals will stay in the periodical bound volumes section.
  • For Chinese periodicals and newspapers in CD-ROMs ask for help in Room 207.
  • For Chinese periodicals and newspapers in Microforms ask for help in G-49 and G-73.

Policies for check-out -

  • Current issues of Chinese periodicals and newspapers are NOT for circulation.
  • Please ask Room 207 for special permission needed for checking out bound periodicals.

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This guide was created with the assistance of Liangyu Fu, Ph. D student from the Department of Communication in Fall, 2012 when she took Directed Study course and worked in EAL.