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Course & Subject Guides

Chinese Newspapers, Periodicals, Dissertations @ Pitt: Up to the Mid-Twentieth Century

This guide aims to help readers access and use Chinese newspapers, periodicals and dissertations through The East Asian Library at University of Pittsburgh.

Selected Pictorial Titles

Illustrated journals published in the late 19th century and early 20th centuries vividly recorded the daily life of the Chinese, as well as political and economic conditions.  They are important sources for studies on modern China.

The image above shows some Chinese women are playing "corner pool."  It appeared in Dianshizhai Huabao 點石齋畫報, a famous pictorial printed in Shanghai during the late 19th century. 

Basic Catalogs and Indices

Selected Subject Indices

*ULS carries a number of subject indices of Chinese periodicals as printed ones or in databases.  The listed titles here are only selected and basic ones.  For more subject indices please ask for help from Haihui Zhang (

Databases (Full-text and Index)

Selected Periodicals in Printed Format