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Course & Subject Guides

Chinese Newspapers, Periodicals, Dissertations @ Pitt: Reference

This guide aims to help readers access and use Chinese newspapers, periodicals and dissertations through The East Asian Library at University of Pittsburgh.


  • 1815 察世俗每月統記傳 (Chinese Monthly Magazine) First modern Chinese periodical in the world, published in Malacca by William Milne (1785-1822)
  • 1827 廣州紀錄報 (Canton Register) First English-language periodical issued in China proper
  • 1833 東西洋考每月統記傳 (Eastern Western Monthly Magazine) First Chinese-language periodical issued in China proper, edited by Karl Gützlaff (1803-1851)
  • 1850 北華捷報 (North China Herald) First English-language newspaper published in Shanghai, the most long-lasting (101 years) English-language newspaper published in China before 1949
  • 1854 金山新聞 (Golden Hills News) First Chinese periodical issued in North America, weekly published in San Francisco
  • 1865 中外新報 First newspaper issued by Chinese, ended in 1919, predecessor: 香港船頭貨價紙 founded in 1857
  • 1872 申報 First daily newspaper in China, established by British businessman Ernest Major (1841-1908), one of the most influential modern Chinese newspapers, ceased in 1949
  •  1874 循環日報 One of the most successful newspapers published by Chinese, established by Wang Tao 王韜 (1828-1897) in Hong Kong 
  • 1876 格致彙編 (Chinese Scientific Magazine) First popular scientific magazine in China, edited by John Fryer (1839-1928), predecessor: 中西聞見錄
  • 1884 點石齋畫報 One of the most prominent pictorial magazines in China, supplement to 申報
  • 1895 約翰聲 First college journal in China, published at St. John’s University in Shanghai
  • 1896 時務報 One of the most important political newspapers during the Late Qing reform, initiated by Liang Qichao 梁啟超 (1873-1929) and Wang Kangnian 汪康年 (1860-1911)
  • 1898 女學報 First female newspaper in China
  • 1902 大公報 One of the most significant newspaper in modern China, established in Tianjin
  • 1902 北洋官報 First local government organ in China, established in Tianjin by Yuan Shikai 袁世凱 (1859-1916)
  • 1904 東方雜誌 One of the most prominent comprehensive magazine in modern China, published by Zhang Yuanji 張元濟 (1867-1959) at Shangwu Yinshuguan 商務印書館 (The Commercial Press) in Shanghai
  • 1926 良友 One of the most influential and popular comprehensive pictorial (photographic) journals in modern China