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History of Books and Printing @ Archives & Special Collections: Printing & Private Presses

This guide provides an overview of books located at Special Collections on the history of books and printing.

Printing and Fine Private Presses

Starting from its creation, printing and the printing presses are key to understanding the development of the book. Without printing, books, especially mass produced books, would be impossible to create. The collection has multiple selections on the development of printing and different techniques for creating books. In addition, early examples of printed books as well as examples ofine printing presses can be found in the collection.

Fine private printing presses developed alongside larger publishing houses as a way to produce well-designed books that represent niche topics or to redesign classic books to show them in a new way. The collection has many examples of books about these small fine printing presses as well as examples of printed materials that they produced. These books are wonderfully designed, well-made examples of books.

The following fine private presses are just a few examples of those included in the collection:

  • Arion Press
  • Bird & Bull Press
  • Cresset Press
  • Curwin Press
  • Eragny Press
  • Essex House Press
  • Golden Cockerel Press
  • Grabhorne Press
  • Hogarth Press
  • Kelmscott Press
  • Lakeside Press

Examples from the Collection