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History of Books and Printing @ Archives & Special Collections: Home

This guide provides an overview of books located at Special Collections on the history of books and printing.


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Reference Collection Strengths

This collection features several books on the following subject areas.

  • American Printing Culture
  • Audubon and his Bird Prints
  • Bibliographies
  • Book Collecting
  • Book History and Culture
  • Book Making (Printing and Binding)
  • Early Printing
  • Fine and Private Printing Presses
  • Foreign Texts on Related Subjects
  • Handwriting
  • Illustrations 
  • Johannes Gutenberg and the Printing Press
  • Manuscripts
  • Typography and Type Design


This guide was created by graduate students, Dominique Luster and Nicholas Clements, 2014-2015.


The History of the Book and Printing Collection encompasses materials that describe the development, production, and dissemination of the written and printed word including works that illustrate manuscript origins, printing processes, book trading, binding, and book illustration in the broadest sense published prior to 1999.

While Archives & Special Collections does house a myriad of examples of antiquarian books, this guide focuses on books written about these books. They fall under the Library of Congress classification system's Z class which includes books about books and printing and bibliographies. This guide features galleries of fine examples from our rare book collection, as well as samples from the Z class. You can identify that a book is part of the Archives & Special Collections History of Books and Printing collection by checking that its call number begins with Z.

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