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Course & Subject Guides

Argentina GRP 2023 - Oakland Campus

A guide to resources supporting 2023 GRP course with embedded travel to Argentina.

Search by Subject

Items in academic databases are categorized by set of terms and phrases called subject headings. Searching these can be more efficient than keywords.

To use subject headings in Business Source Complete, conduct a keyword search.

On the left of the search results, use the  Subject: Thesaurus Term box to select a relevant subject heading (or more).

This will refine your existing search so that the only results that display also have the selected subject heading.


To find articles on topics like macroeconomics, inflation rates, exchange rates, recession, import/export tariffs, try them as keywords. In the box below, you will find relevant databases for finding articles within both business and economics. 

Structure your searches like this: [company name/industry descriptor] + [keyword] or Argentina AND [keyword]


Databases can be effective to search because they allow you to search hundreds or thousands of journals, trade publications, and news articles at the same time. Some suggestions for databases that include articles on SCM are below.

Databases for Economics Research

Find Case Studies

You might want to find case studies about specific companies and SCM (like Macy's and how they are using SCM for retail) or specific topics within SCM (like RFID systems).

You can use the following resources to try and find some of these case studies.