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Argentina GRP 2023 - Oakland Campus

A guide to resources supporting 2023 GRP course with embedded travel to Argentina.

Researching International Industries

Industry info will give you an overview and in-depth understanding of a particular industry. Oftentimes you will be able to get specific industry reports or information within a specific geography as well, such as the dog food industry in Germany.

However, industry research is rarely straightforward, so keep an open mind and follow these tips:

  • Try related terms for keyword searches, like "apparel" vs. "clothing." Databases may have different terms for the same or similar industry.
  • Try multiple databases. Each covers different industries, with some overlap.
  • Industry code designations are NOT uniform across databases. You may have to adjust your search as you use different databases.
  • Use trade associations. Finding trade associations can be a big help as they often produce and publish helpful reports and data.

Researching International Industries and Markets