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Argentina GRP 2023 - Oakland Campus

A guide to resources supporting 2023 GRP course with embedded travel to Argentina.

Getting Started: How to Use This Guide

This guide was created for the 2022 GRP in Argentina, taught by Dr. Elshahat. It will highlight resources that will help you learn about Argentina and their macroeconomic environment.

With this guide, you'll be able to access the following kinds of resources:

Use the tabs on the left to navigate throughout the guide. Please contact the business librarian if you have any questions.

Image courtesy of CIA Worldfact Book, 2020

General Research on Argentina and Latin America

Some general resources for researching Argentina and Latin America, some of the listed databases have specific content types like industry reports or market analysis while others have a variety of content types, including articles. The tabs on the side will also guide you to resources to find specific content types.