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Designed to help students in BUSBIS 1635 and BMIS 2704 with Prof. James Kimpel

APA Style

APA StyleAPA style example

APA (American Psychological Association) Style consists of a shared set of rules to help make writing and reading research easier.

It concerns uniform use of such elements as selection of headings, tone, and length, punctuation and abbreviations, presentation of numbers and statistics, construction of tables and figures, citation of references, and many other elements that are a part of a manuscript.

APA Citations

APA citations The APA citation format attempts to help make it easy for a reader to know what sources are being used, and how to locate them for further investigation.

They consist of in-text citations (parenthetical citations in the body of your work) and a reference list at the end.

Keep in mind that while it isn't necessary to be able to memorize exactly how to construct the citation, but you should be able to know where to look up the rules, follow them, and pick out the parts of the citation.

Note: These images of are of a sample paper provided by Purdue Owl. Click the image to be taken to the full-text.

In-Text Citations

This video by Humber College Libraries provides an overview of how to create in-text citations in APA format.

Journal Article References

This video by Humber College Libraries explains the components of an APA style reference for a scholarly journal article. Knowing the parts of the reference will help you more easily identify and locate sources you are interested in.